Painting the great egg

'Painting the Great Egg'

8"x10"   Watercolor, gouache & ink on paper

Fredrick, Harry & George will hand you a card for their trade and it will most likely read the following:  "...Bunny Bros. Inc., we'll paint your house, walls, fences, and storefronts. Have experience with whitewash, and fine detailed lettering."

Their specialty however, has always lied with eggs (no job is too big or too small). They aim to please and take pride in their craft. During this particular project, the eldest Bunny Brother, Fredrick is consulting the plans to their tried and true architectural plans. They have enlisted the help of their two dear friends, Sadie & Sam. But painting eggs can be a messy business, and some sort of mischief always presents itself. The youngest, Harry Bunny, will definitely have to take a good long bath tonight to remove all of that red paint.