Interview & Feature: DPI Magazine

Getting a parcel in the mail is always an exciting experience, especially around Christmas when we are waiting for our treasures to arrive upon our doorstep so we can whisk them away under the tree. But, something else very exciting came in the mail for this illustrator yesterday! The 200th issue of DPI Magazine, which features an interview with me and a 4 page spread on my work and Q & A's with me!

It is a charming, artistic magazine from Taiwan featuring illustrations. I was so very honored when I received a letter from them last month asking if I would like to participate. Of course I would! The magazine is created in Taiwan and most of the text is written in Taiwanese, but you don't have to speak the language to enjoy the beautiful high-quality photos and the lovely feel of the print magazine in your hands. If you are interested in ordering a copy for yourself, you can obtain one here. 

I hope you are having a magical December leading up to a blessed and Merry Christmas!