Hansel & Gretel: Breadcrumbs

Hansel & Gretel: Breadcrumbs   6.5"x10"  Watercolor & gouache on paper

Little Hansel consoles a crying Gretel as he fends off the crows that are trying to steal their bread. Of course we all know the importance of those breadcrumbs to Hansel & Gretel, the famous forsaken and tragic fairy tale siblings.

This is my rendition of the beloved Grimm's story.

Mother Goose - The Marriage of Cock Robin to Jenny Wren

The Marriage of Cock Robin to Jenny Wren   14"x11"  Watercolor and gouache on paper

Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Illustration for The Marriage of Cock Robin to Jenny Wren

These two little love birds have quite the sweetest little courtship. I have included a piece of their love story below:

"It was a merry time,
When Jenny Wren was young, 
So neatly as she dressed,
And so sweetly as she sung.

Robin Redbreast lost his heart, 
He was a gallant bird;
He doffed his hat to Jenny,
And thus to her he said:

"My dearest Jenny Wren, 
If you will but be mine,
You shall dine on cherry pie
And drink nice currant wine.

"I'll dress you like a goldfinch, 
Or like a peacock gay:
So, if you'll have me, Jenny,
Let its appoint the day.''

Jenny blushed behind her fan,
And thus declared her mind
"Then let it be to-morrow, Bob
I take your offer kind..."

-Mother Goose (The Marriage of Cock Robin to Jenny Wren)